Together, we’re stronger.

We’re united by mission and vision of making our world’s communities stronger through tourism.

Who we are

We are a network of subject-matter experts that orchestrate well-designed and managed tourism programs and practices. We share information and resources that are globally informed and locally relevant.

What we do

We draw upon the individual and collective intelligence of the network to share knowledge and empower community leaders to create new opportunities and improve the visitor and resident experience.

Featured Contributing Partners

Become part of a network of tourism professionals who openly share knowledge and provide actionable solutions with communities of all sizes.

Brian Mullis

Founder | Sustainable Travel International

Advisor, guide and entrepreneur working at the intersection of sustainable development, conservation and tourism. Brian brings deep expertise and a range of experiences from his career to help destination authorities, NGOs and multinational corporations meet their aims in the areas of sustainable destination management, capacity building, resource mobilization, conservation and heritage enterprise development, and corporate social responsibility.

David Ermen

Lodging & Tourism | PwC Switzerland

David leads large international consulting assignments for PricewaterhouseCoopers in Europe and the Middle East. He has a strong focus on destination marketing and management, operational efficiency and service quality improvement for tourism businesses, market research, staff training and education projects. David is also a thought leader in the hotel and tourism industries, where he shares his knowledge and experiences through lectures and workshops.

Jon Maser

Founder | Adventure Local

Passionate about how technology, empathy and tourism can help solve some of our world’s greatest challenges, Jon has founded multiple travel-tech companies. He’s CEO of Adventure Local, a tours and activities booking software for adventure travel as well as Made by Adventure, which offers unique mission-based adventure travel trips. Jon possesses a strong skill set of design, product development & management, and storytelling specifically within the tourism industry.

Bobby Chappell

Principle | Tourism Impact Services

Bobby is driven to maximize the positive and mitigate the negative impacts associated with tourism. This includes destination management challenges such as overtourism and corporate social responsibility opportunities like sustainable consumption and production. Bobby spent eight years as the Senior Program Director at Sustainable Travel International and has a proven track record in developing applicable standards and innovative monitoring systems to evaluate conditions and strategically plan for improvements.

We’re always growing our collective.

Become part of a network of tourism professionals who openly share knowledge and provide actionable solutions with communities of all sizes.